Rock Climbing Trip: ‘Magic Bean’ Jebel Milehis, Sinai Egypt

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I experienced this sandstone rock climbing adventure for the first time on new year’s day, January 2022. I couldn’t have wished for a better escapade to start the year! Climbing our way up 250m of rock, accompanied by friends. Sipping on hot tea and sharing nightly stories within smoky four walls hidden in Sinai’s desert.

hiking through sandstone valley to base camp
Sandstone features on the way to base camp

On the morning of January 1st, we curved off the asphalt at the Bedouin village of Ras Ghazala and jumped into the back of an awaiting white Toyota pick-up. We chose to partly hike the path to base camp, weaving through canyon-like alleys in awe of its sandy features. To then approach a vast land that gave way to an extraordinary landscape that highlighted the mountain (aka jebel) we were about to climb together, Jebel Milehis Massif.

view to jebel milehis which we would rock climb
View of Jebel Milehis on our hike

As we hiked further through the valley of Wadi Ghazala, Timo Elony (founder of Red Sea Rock Climbing) pointed out our home for the climbing trip in the distance. Close to the foot of the mountain, we were greeted by the friendly family of Salama. A simple home cooked meal warmed by the fire was waiting for us, nestled in Sinai’s Salama Canyon.

sunrise view of jebel milehis massif in Sinai
Sunrise view to base camp

We had a night of heavy rainfall, so I welcomed the cosiness of a dog snug over my feet before quietly slipping out of my sleeping bag to absorb the valley’s (aka wadi’s) blissful silence. And we appreciated the slower than usual morning because we filled our bellies with tasty foul (stewed broad beans) and fresh farasheeh (flat bread).

freshly cooked bedouin breakfast before our rock climbing trip
Bedouin breakfast in the making

Climbing Magic Bean

Then, we suitably prepped our gear and scrambled up the East Face of Milehis to begin our quest up the scenic route of Magic Bean. Myself and Amira Helmy (founder of Women in the Wadi and both instructor’s at Red Sea Rock Climbing) waited patiently to begin our first ascent (5c, 60m). Meanwhile, Timo belayed the remaining two climbers up the first pitch. I embraced the secure sense of friction gripping under my fingers and soles, compared to the familiar smooth granite in Wadi Gnai I was used to.

The most memorable highlight was glancing over my shoulder to notice the boundless view of the desert valley resting beneath us.

view of Sinai desert valley below
View of desert wadi below after first pitch

We coiled our ropes and veered towards the next pitch (5c, 35m), staring up at an eye-catching chimney. This route was carefully navigated as some of its sections were brittle and soft. This is a trait of sandstone to be mindful of.

Heading To Base Camp

Maadoos (Timo’s favourite rice and lentils) was cooking under some shelter above, prepared by the second eldest son, Khaled Salama. With grey clouds advancing, the decision was made to hike back down the mountain rather than abseil (something for me to look forward to next time).

view from rock climbing trip
Arriving at the top of Jebel Milehis
view from top of jebel milehis
The view from above

And when I look back at these pictures, I still can’t quite believe that we walked all this way down. A safe but lengthy walk, with the odd slip from chossy rock beneath us.

hiking down jebel milehis
Making our way down from the top of Milehis
hiking down the mountain with bedouin guide
Khaled Salama outsprinting us all

On our final night, after our well deserved Bedouin dinner, we played simple games with the young children amused by their uncanny animal imitations. Then, engulfed by a blanket of clouds and the occasional sparkling star, we tiredly wished each other a good night.

packing for our return to dahab
Packing for our departure back to Dahab




How do I book a climbing trip?

Contact Gen directly or Red Sea Rock Climbing and mention ‘Gen’ with booking enquiries.

How far is it from Dahab?

From Dahab’s check point the first turnoff at Ras Ghazala [GPS(N,E):
28.86859, 34.46593] is 31km, approx. 30mins and then it’s off road from there for another 25mins.

How many climbing areas does Milehis have and what grading?

See guidebooks for further details.

Can I go there independently?

I would always recommend contacting a guide who will be able to support you in your adventures in Sinai.

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