How Kitesurfing Began

Head over heels in Essaouira

It all started in Morocco with no intention at all. I was walking along the beach on a holiday with my mum who saw these particularly good-looking guys kiting on the water, making it look deceivingly easy.

She insisted that before I leave the small fishing town of Essaouira, I would need a lesson with the instructor of her choice.

I thought nothing of it and played along, where she excitedly beckoned one of them from the water and arranged a lesson the following day.

Morocco – Essaouira

Low and behold, within the first two hours I fell in love instantly!

And soon found myself back in London with the kitesurfing bug, plotting my first of many kite trips.

My first kite trips

Over the next 2 years I managed to save just enough to take me to Dakhla and Fuerteventura, whilst dipping into my overdraft a little.

On these trips I discovered what it’s like to

travel alone, yet never really ‘being alone’

and meeting people I still call my friends today. I became obsessed with the sensation of gliding over the ocean with the power of the wind.

A feeling that still gives me butterflies today, and a passion I’m now truly grateful to be able to pass on to others.

Morocco – Essaouira Spirit

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