Deciding to Travel

Birthday dizziness

I’m waking up the morning after my 25th birthday, January 2016, with the dreaded celebratory headache deciding where I want to be when I hit the big 30.

I agree, probably not the best time to be making life changing decisions but it was going in circles, making me dizzy. 

Every time I returned home from a well deserved break, I asked myself

why was I coming back?

And the fact was, I couldn’t find the answer!

So it was finally time to stop dwindling and avoid another year in London passing me by.

England – London

Your Pro VA

After some time brainstorming, gathering ideas on

how I was able to sustain traveling full-time whilst pursuing a dream of kitesurf,

I received a message from a friend, who, as if by fate, introduced me to the world of Virtual Assistants.

I put my entrepreneurial hat on and within 6 months, thanks to some savvy tech and design friends of mine, I launched my Virtual Assistant (VA) business, Your Pro VA.

After which, I did the most nerve-wracking thing of all, quit my job.

This nearly took a whole month to pluck up the courage to do,  and I did this just in time for heading to Las Vegas in August 2017 for a friends wedding.

I made the decision to no longer check-in to my returning flight, and this is

where my journey into the unfamiliar began.

Portugal – Fuseta Lagoon

Gen Morris

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